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Navigation Pro (Galaxy Watch / S2 / S3)

This app displays Google Navigation instructions from your phone on your Samsung watch. It was formerly named “Gear Navigation”.

Features autostart with navigation, voice output, customisable vibration, 102 languages, option to display ETA and much more! Works with Galaxy Watch, Gear S2 / S3 / Sport, Gear 1, Gear 2, Gear S. For Gear Fit see below. View in Play Store Demo Video

Maps Pro

The power of Google Maps as standalone app for your watch – phone not required!

Search for cities or places and get all their details. Long-tap a point on the map to navigate there. Get directions via all modes of transport – from walking to flying! Turn-by-turn navigation with spoken instructions. Browse through all step towards your destination. Choose between Satellite view, Roadmap or Terrain view and much more! View in Samsung Store

Calendar Gear

Calendar Gear is your perfect Google Calendar companion app. Scroll through the months and years, see your schedule and review event details. Edit, add and delete events and seamlessly synchronize them with your Google account. You can also use it without phone and transfer your events once the watch is connected again. For synchronizing functionality, please install the free “Calendar Gear” companion app for Android. It features translations for 70 languages. Come and experience the beautiful look and feel of a native Gear app! Works with Galaxy Watch, Gear S2 / S3 / Sport, Gear 1, Gear 2, Gear S.

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

How to install a watch app

– Ensure your watch is connected to Phone and you have “Galaxy Wearable” installed. – Install “Navigation Pro” app from Google Play. – Install free “Navigation Pro” app from Samsung Store on your watch. – Start Navigation Pro app on your phone. – Follow the dialog and allow the app to read notifications. – Start a Google Maps Navigation and instructions will be pushed to your smartwatch.

The app doesn’t work, only displays “Ready” message
– If you’ve installed the app for the first time: please open “Navigation Pro” on your phone, click on the 3rd link and allow Maps notifications. See following pictures.
– If it worked fine before: it’s likely that a process in Android is frozen. Please uninstall the app from your phone, restart the phone (important!) and install it again. This will make the process work.
Navigation stops when the phone screen is off
– This behaviour is often caused by energy saving settings or taskkiller apps.
– On Huawei phones you have to exclude “Navigation Pro” and “Samsung Accessory Services” from energy management.
– Please look into these settings and disable any power saving apps to find out if they are the reason.
Is the app a one-time or monthly payment?

You only pay once and can install the app as often as you want. Even on other devices where you are logged in with your Google account.

What Our Users Say

Regular feedback of our 200.000+ customers enables us to continuously improve our apps in all ways possible.

“Being on a fire truck and ambulances and having the direction on my watch helps me to get to the emergency scene faster and safer. Thank you!”

Reggie B.
about Gear Navigation

“Great Google Maps companion app, since Google and Samsung won’t play nicely for the sake of consumers. Been using a couple of days with my Gear Sport in a variety of navigation scenarios, and haven’t had any issues related to the app yet.”

Brian R.

“I’m not a fan of placing a phone holder on front window or vents to use the gps so I would use my hands and constantly look away from the road. This app is helping me find my way the safest way possible.”

Sarah P.